Tuesday, June 08, 2010

People take counsel from this son of a bitch

Teenager Forced to Apologize to Her Church for Being Raped by Roxann MtJoy.

"... [Pastor Chuck] Phelps told Tina she would have to go before the entire congregation to apologize for her sins. Excuse me? It seems that Phelps explained to Tina that while Willis 'may have been 99 percent responsible,' she need to confess to her '1 percent guilt in the situation.'

"After Tina acquiesced in this humiliating act of victim-blaming, the church and her family shipped her off to live in Colorado against her wishes, where she was instructed to give the baby up for adoption. While Phelps did contact the police about Willis - you know, since he was 99% guilty and all - it became nearly impossible for them to do anything about it since Tina was now hidden away in Colorado."

To be clear with every detail I didn't quote. The victim, Tina Anderson (name given at victim's choice!), was fifteen years old and told her pastor that she had been raped by a thiry-nine year old man, Ernest Willis!

This goddamn son of a bitch, "Pastor" Chuck Phelps, made her apologize for her "responsibility" for this!

When I passed this along on Facebook, Kimberly Rae got, rightly, outraged and did more research on Pastor Chuck Phelps, world class cock! It seems that now the people of Colonial Hills Baptist Church at 8140 Union Chapel Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46240 pay this deplorably evil cocksucker for spiritual advice and religious comfort and guidance.

I advise anyone who is as angry as I am, feel free to contact the church at 317-253-5597 or Contact them online to let them know how you feel about their part in aiding and comforting someone who would do something like that to a fifteen year old rape victim.

To be clear, of course I'm not suggesting or advocating violence against them, but I think they should feel more than a little uncomfortable with this choice.

Not sold?

From Police: Girl raped, then relocated by Trent Spiner, "The victim said Phelps told her she would be put up for 'church discipline', where parishioners go before the congregation to apologize for their sins... 'He told me that I should be happy that I didn't live in Old Testament times because I would have been stoned'.

"Fran Earle, the church's former clerk, witnessed the punishment session... 'I can still see the little girl standing up there with this smile on her face trying to get through this,' Earle said.

"A day after the session, Earle called the pastor's wife, who said the victim had decided not to press charges for statutory rape.

"'You've got to understand, we trusted our pastor and his wife to be telling us the truth,' Earle said. 'They told us it had been reported. He reported it as a consensual act between a man and a woman. Well, I didn't know a 15-year-old was a woman.'"

People are still trusting this bastard.

This lousy, good-for-nothing fucker is working as a pastor.

The fact that he's not dead is already probably an injustice, although I'm certainly not advocating anyone except a just god changing that.


Montana said...

So, let me get this straight this white trash “Ernest Willis” a church deacon in Concord, New Hampshire, at the time, rapes this child twice (15 years old, he was 38 at the time), gets her pregnant, he admits it is his child in front of the church, and this so called church (Trinity Baptist Church), and her parents, makes her stand up in front of this church congregation, as well, admit its her fault, because they believe its somehow her fault and to top it off her parents go to this same church to seek counsel on what to do with her and they both agree that she should be sent to another Baptist couple in Colorado, have the baby there and then force the child to put the baby up for adoption. You Baptists are real make me sick, is this your family values? I hope all of you involved get what’s coming to you.

Trinity Baptist Church
80 Clinton Street
Concord, NH 03301-2287
603-225-3999, info@tbcnh.org

Neil Sarver said...

This is part of why I find the "faith" part of religion troubling. Too often it gets extended to the human beings running things, here and say with Catholic priests.

And while I understand how one feels their supreme being would be infallible, these people are not only not better or more moral than the rest of us, they fall way, way short of us.

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