Saturday, July 24, 2010

At the movies: Fall/winter 2010

Funny thing. I've been broke this summer. I've been broke most summers of late, but still managed - mostly - to catch the top blockbusters I was looking forward to.

But, with hopefully catching Toy Story 3 this week, I'm left with only Iron Man II and, if I don't catch up with them, Predators and Splice that I feel any regret about missing at the theater.

Even the generally well received Inception has failed to get me interested in going to see it. Generally, my impression is reflected in Inception: Has Christopher Nolan forgotten how to dream? by Jim Emerson. Mind you, unlike him, I've generally enjoyed Christopher Nolan's work, despite feeling quite mixed on the insanely popular The Dark Knight, which has also tempered my potential enthusiasm considerably.

But, one way or the other, it's generally been agreed to have been a lackluster summer of blockbuster cinema.

And yet, this coming fall and winter seasons is the most excited I've been about a half-years movie-going as I've been in a long time.

We'll start with The Hole, although it may be a longer wait, as it still lacks distribution.

Joe Dante is one of my favorite moviemakers. He brings a true movie lovers enthusiasm and dark sense of humor to everything he does. And with this planned and shot for 3-D by a talented, knowledgeable moviemaker, it promises to be one of the upcoming real treats in 3-D.

The next month's or so is probably late summer, certainly according to the calendar, but it feels like a batch of early fall movies to me.

The Expendables is a can't miss for me. Enough has been written speculating about it, but after the annoyingly titled, but otherwise thoroughly wonderful, Rambo, I'm will Sylvester Stallone where he wants to take me for a while.

I've mentioned Machete before, somewhere in Grindhouse discussions and beyond. Not only that, but I used to commute past multiple locations where it was filming, so I'll be very excited to see how all of those places play out in an action movie.

The Social Network is interesting. I'm not sure a Facebook movie is inherently compelling and my relationship with David Fincher movies has been somewhat a mixed bag, but after Zodiac, I'm willing to give him some ground.

Ok, apparently it wasn't enough ground to get me to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but more than enough to see this one.

Red is one I'm not sure on. I haven't read Red, but I do enjoy a lot of what Warren Ellis does, and it'd be interesting to see it adapted to a movie.

But let's face it, Dame Helen Mirren as "the best wetwork asset in the business" pretty much sells it.

As to the full on Winter/Christmas movies, well, I've discussed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in Deathly hallows, and, considering my continuing mixed feelings, currently leaning toward excited, based on that trailer, I'll leave it at that.

And I've gotta say, I'm more excited about Tron: Legacy than I have been about any big blockbuster movie in years. It could turn out to disappoint me. I'm certainly not unaware of the flaws in Tron, as much enjoyment as I've gotten out of it over the years, but I'm really hopeful for this one. We'll see.

I'm not afraid of being disappointed by any or even all of these, but I am enjoying the feeling of excitement I'm getting looking forward to them. I don't get that very often anymore.

UPDATE: I was reminded yesterday that I forgot Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

This is the one here I'm most torn on. I've never really been interested in Scott Pilgrim comics and the trailers seem like something I'd ordinarily watch on video, but with it being the new movie by Edgar Wright, I do want to make the effort to catch this.


Tex said...

ok we are so going to see Machete but that Scott pilgrim thing im not so sure about. Maybe rental worthy?

Neil Sarver said...

Scott Pilgrim is definitely the one on this list I'm least determined to see in a theater. I mean, after "Spaced", Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, I hate the idea of not trusting Edgar Wright, but this trailer is the best I've seen, and it looks like a rental to me.

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