Saturday, July 03, 2010


Confirmed: Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron starring in two new Mad Max movies by Drew McWeeny.

There were a couple of responses to this that said something along the lines of "No Mel, no Max".

And I suspect I'd feel the same about nearly any movie character as iconic as "Mad Max" Rockatansky, but somehow I don't with this.

Is it the way I've slowly lost whatever interest in Mel Gibson I'd once had, through the increasing obviousness of his utter worthlessness as a human being?

Is it the fact that this project has been simmering at least 10 years in the rumor mill, and through most of that it's been clear that Gibson wouldn't be returning, and I've simply gotten used to the idea?

Is it the faith I have in George Miller in being able to deliver?

Is it that the world Miller and associate created was always so much more intriguing than the character?

I could support any of these arguments, but then I see flaws in them, too. I suppose it's some complex combination of them that I have no interest in further exploring. All I know for sure is I find this news very exciting. I'm hoping that Miller will bring us something fun and interesting with these movies, and hopefully keep them generally within the realm of old-fashion moviemaking he used in the first to movies.

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