Thursday, July 29, 2010


The preview footage from Kenneth Branagh's Thor has been taken down, presumably by Marvel.

I actually do suggest making the effort to find it, especially if you have any question as to whether this movie has a chance of succeeding.

As Todd Brown wrote in The Stuff I Said About Thor Looking Bad? I Take That Back., "Marvel, a suggestion if you want to win over the skeptics. There's nothing particularly spoiler-y in that reel. Stop chasing it down and removing it and release it in high definition instead. That reel is your friend. Embrace it."

It's true.

There are comic book characters that are relatively bullet proof concepts, but Thor is a good distance from being among them.

But then it's also one of the few Marvel superhero series that excites me as movie property in itself.

From the look of the preview footage, they seem to be on the right track.

My biggest concern at this point is just that they'll put too much The Avengers material in it, and it'll play more like a prequel to that movie - or an Issue #0, in comics terms - than a special adaptation of a really cool comic book character of its own.

All I know is, that footage has sold me solidly on buying a ticket, and though I may seem like a pre-sold ticket, I already missed Iron Man II at the theater. Not because I wasn't generally interested, especially after enjoying Iron Man so much, but it felt like too much energy was moving toward bridging into The Avengers.

We'll see, at this point I'm very excited about this one.


Tony Dayoub said...

No point in getting too excited about it. But it does look liuke they got the tone right. My concern was always, How are they going to integrate the unreality of a place like Asgard with the more pedestrian reality of IRON MAN when they do THE AVENGERS? But it seems like they are going for a similar style of cinematography to accomplish that.

Good stuff!

Neil Sarver said...

I think keeping me from getting too excited about this one is going to be pretty impossible, from here on out. Thor has long been the Marvel superhero that sounds most exciting to me as a movie.

I also think Branagh seems a smart choice to direct.

I just hope there isn't too darn much Avengers set-up material to keep it from being it's own fun thing overall. That's looking like the most likely thing to sink it at this point.

But overall, I'm pretty geeked out for this one.

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