Saturday, July 10, 2010

Webcomics format

I'm catching up on Escape From Planet Nowhere by Otis Frampton, King of Monster Isle by Stephen R. Bissette and Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. by Chris Sims, Chris Piers and Steve Downer today. I am also discovering The Meek by by Der-shing Helmer, at the suggestion Gene Ha.

I'm enjoying all of these, to one degree or other, but I really didn't start this to review webcomics. Otherwise, I promise, I wouldn't have made mention of so dang many of them.

I just note that this one page a week (or whatever exactly schedule) with commentary seems to have become standardized. I'm not arguing against it, but it feels counter-intuitive to me as a storyteller... even one who wholly supports serial storytelling. It just feels a little like releasing a novel one paragraph at a time. I have trouble keeping up and tend to fall off board and then remembering a long while later to go back and play catch-up, which is indeed entertaining.

Have people played with this format much?

And why do so many of the other webcomics I find suck so much?

No, really! You can say it's because there's no money in it, so the really talented people go traditional, and not be wrong about why there's so many crappy one say on TopWebComics, is it? I can show by the ones I noted that not all of them are garbage, even without using my logic, which I'll bring out another day.

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