Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Red hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood basically keeps my streak of DC Universe Animated movies that I'm not terribly excited about any which way.

This shows even when Judd Winick isn't actively pissing me off, I'm still not much of a fan.

I never read the stories it's based on, so I can't speak to the adaptation, but overall this feels like a nothing to me. Bringing back Jason Todd from the dead seems like it should have more weight than this is able to muster. This feels very much like a throwaway story to me.

That said, there are plenty of things to recommend this. It has a nice, brisk, action movie pace. It never slogs down. Jensen Ackles and Neil Patrick Harris are great as the two former Robins.

And this is the biggie... John DiMaggio may be my new favorite Joker.

Mind you, Mark Hamill has more time and a bit more variety in there, so he'll probably hang in there after the excitement is over and done with.

But, damn, if I were casting a new Batman series, I'd do what it took to get DiMaggio to do it.

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