Sunday, September 05, 2010

Writing, blogging and adventure

Someday - hopefully soon - I'll go through and purge tons and tons of posts from this blog, and posts like this will be among the first to go.

I'm thinking about taking a purposeful break from writing here. Partly to clear my mind, partly because I'm in a rut of writing reviews, which I kind of hate. I only rarely like my own reviews. I much prefer my more general posts, but those haven't been coming to me.

My reviews are weak. I rarely go through all the detail I could or should to make them justifiable as reviews in themselves. I don't write about nearly the kind of variety of movies as I watch... Children's and Martial Arts movies seem to get especially short shrift, not to mention movies I don't care for... so I'm not even sure what I accomplish by writing them semi-regularly.

And that's not to mention that I should put more focus into my fiction writing that I'm pretty blocked on lately.

I should be working on more pages for Gaunt Land, that I've re-envisioned as a comic book, and I'd like to be working on a screenplay that I could, at least potentially, shoot as a movie.

I've been contemplating the idea of writing an "Adventure movie", as a feel, but then I've come to the realization that I don't really know what it is... Does such a thing exist in a modern sense? I suppose something like National Treasure is, but if you retold The Adventures of Robin Hood in a modern context, it's an action movie. In fact, doesn't Machete have elements of that?

I think, outside of a period movie, "Adventure" requires globetrotting and such, otherwise it's an "Action" movie. Perhaps that's fine.

I don't know where any of this is going. I have bits and pieces of what I want to do with the possibly "Adventure" story I have in mind, I'd like to get it stoked.

And I'll be around here, in some context, and I doubt I'll succeed at re-inventing too much, I never really do. And I owe something to the Cronenberg Blog-a-thon, although I'm still not sure what that'll be.

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Tony Dayoub said...

No pressure, man. I'm happy with the way you've promoted the thing if you want to take a break from writing.

Been there.

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