Saturday, November 20, 2010

Comic book pirates

Mark Evanier posted a link to The "real" victims of online piracy by Colleen Doran. It's an interesting article, I admit, but I'd been pondering a reply.

Of course I've already written Intellectual property and piracy, which kind of covers the subject matter.

Then I read Pirates And Windmills by Buzz Dixon, which is absolutely fantastic piece that says all that needs to be said about it better than I could ever do.

I do want to add a question.

How many people out there buy a significant number of comics that they aren't confident about already? Let's get real here, comics are expensive! I buy comics I've read and enjoyed whenever I can. I buy comics by people whose worked I've read and enjoyed occasionally. I buy comics I've heard or read good things about rarely.

Mostly, I read them for free. That can involve borrowing from friends or a Lending library. Some of those get shifted to the comics I've read and enjoyed and will, as such, buy. Some won't.

But as much as you or I may like the idea of creators controlling the means of distribution - and even as a potential creator, I'm ambivalent at best - it seems an unrealistic goal.

As much as I may respect Ms. Doran's belief that she has certain rights, I'm not sure it's not a little like someone like me believing I should be president of the United States. No matter how much I may feel I have it coming, or even if it meets some unquantifiable "better for the world" truth - and it certainly does not - it's not going to happen.

At this point, it doesn't matter if Ms. Doran is right or if I should be president. What matters is what can actually be achieved in the flesh and blood world we live in. The rest belongs in an ethics course.

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