Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was thinking, only a Texas band would perform a song about Bar-B-Q and make it sound like it's about fucking.

But then I realized ZZ Top also sings about driving like it was fucking. Waiting for the bus like it was fucking. Even being dragged in a giant cage behind a pick-up kinda sounds like it could be fucking.

Hell, they sing about a 13-year-old girl like... well, never mind.

But whether it's dirty or it just sounds dirty, it really makes more sense being here that so much of what I like about Texas is somehow literally or at least somehow inexplicably expressed by that little ol' band from Texas.

As many other of my favorite artists are from Texas, I rarely get that from them.

Not to mention, living in Central Texas, I hear the weather in La Grange every day, and it makes me happy every day.

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