Friday, December 03, 2010

Bruce Boxleitner

I caught a few surprised looks for being pleased to head that Bruce Boxleitner was going to be in Tron: Legacy.

In fact, more surprise than one might expect considering the fact that played Tron!

Yeah, I know, Jeff Bridges is hot right now, just got an Oscar, is still riding The Cult of Lebowski, etc. I think that's all awesome.

And it doesn't even get into the basic fact that Bridges's Kevin Flynn is the main character of Tron.

So, yeah, Bridges participation is definitely cool. I agree with everyone there.

Is it because of Babylon 5? I am, after all, a huge dork.

But, no. I largely gave "Babylon 5" a second chance after not enjoying the original edit of the pilot, because Boxleitner joined the cast.

In fact, I have a rather longstanding boy crush on Bruce Boxleitner. First was Tron and then followed up by Scarecrow and Mrs. King, which I admit I can't say I've bothered to see since its original airing, but at the time thought was terrific and he was seriously cool business.

In years since I've mostly just had a passing warm feeling about his existence, helped indeed by the fact that I'm charmed by his marriage to Melissa Gilbert.

I just revisited Tron the other day. It was an interesting experience.

It wasn't the first time I've revisited it as an adult, but it was the first time I've seen it since necessarily being aware of the divide in opinion.

I can't say I completely understand either side of the divide completely. There's too much cool that I can completely see why 12-year old Neil was so enamoured of it, and it's difficult for me to imagine how others don't see the quirky charms of its story and dime store attempt at some kind of philosophical or metaphysical ideas, the amazing Wendy Carlos score, the still surprisingly snazzy looking effects work and the always brilliant David Warner.

On the other hand, the dime store attempt at some kind of philosophical or metaphysical ideas kind of wander off into nowhere, the movie does drag a lot in places and the dialogue is the kind that even the generally talented cast struggles to keep from sounding wooden... Then again, is that purposeful?

I don't know. I know it still makes me happy to see and it has Bruce Boxleitner, so it's altogether ok in my book.

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