Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas tale

I'm not sure what the average view comes into Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale by Jalmari Helander expecting. I went in strangely lacking expectation, which may have been good.

For those expecting Silent Night, Deadly Night, it could be an uncomfortable surprise, in one manner or another, to find it's closer to Let the Right One In.

It's a dark fairy tale from the land of coldness, darkness, guilt and loss. It's slow, unfolds in small incomplete pieces and the humor is dry and cold.

I, of course, thought it was terrific.

I'm afraid to say too much, though, as I think the unfolding of the story is the best part. Suffice it to say, two young boys break into an area to spy on a excavation. It appears that their actions cause the deaths of the reindeer their families will sell and eat through the coming year.

The younger of the two is especially torn up by guilt and comes to believe that the subject of the excavation is Santa Claus, which his new research shows to be an unforgiving and punishing creature.


Neil Sarver said...

I note the original short, Rare Exports, Inc., is more broad in its humor than the feature, although certainly much of this... as well as some other bits along those lines... do make it in, with relatively similar tellings.

Kimberlicious said...

i loved it

Neil Sarver said...

I'm glad.

That was a great weekend together all around. You're awesome!

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