Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Conan Daigorō

So, it's official, the tummy monster has revealed itself... himself... to be Conan Daigorō rather than Hazel Marilyn.

Yes, it's a supergeek name, after Conan of Cimmeria and Ogami Daigorō, even if on another day I can give you any of number of other reasons.

For example, I really like this explanation of the name Daigorō from the Lone Wolf and Cub liner notes.
Among Buddha's teachings were those related to the so-called Six Modes (or States) of Existence. While there are many translations and interpretations of these, they were all based on Buddha's own observations of human conditions, which may be summarized as follows. An individual might be preoccupied with:

1) eternal craving for things --- the so-called "hungry ghost" state.

2) ignorant outlook, not examining theoretical possibilities --- the "animal" state.

3) eternal anger, constantly at fight with himself or others --- the "hell" state.

4) overly-competitive, always out-doing others using any means --- the "jealous-god" state

5) overly-contemptuous with a false sense of having attained a god-like state --- the "god-being" state

The sixth state is what Buddha taught as being free from the other five states, calling it the "Human" state, which lacks the preoccupations of the other states, and exhibits inquisitiveness and virtuous reasoning abilities. In LW&C, Ogami named his son "Daigorō" as a Japanese mnemonic warning about the 5 states.

But let's face it, honestly, let's face it, I'm mostly a geek.

And he may or may not be luckier... the alternate choice was Kirby Lee.

It's exciting. One step further in him becoming a real person, who I'll spend the rest of my life getting to know.


Kimberlicious said...

of course you pick the picture where our son looks even more like an alien lmao! His head looks funny cause hes squirming and the cord and his arms are in the way lol. I am so excited we are having a boy and so far he is a good size! Not too big , not too small. I am so proud to call you my partner and father of our son! Love you!

Neil Sarver said...

It's the picture you can see his face clearly in, sillyhead! I'm so proud to have a son with you. You are my joy, and you'll be a great mom.

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