Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Human centipede

I somehow knew I'd like the idea of what The Human Centipede (The First Sequence) could be than whatever it might turn out to be.

I was basically proven right by watching the movie.

It seems like the performance by Dieter Laser was the make it or break it bit in the movie, and he absolutely worked for me.

But not much else.

In fairness, I couldn't help thinking how interesting this whole set-up could be if brought about through the imagination of Clive Barker, David Cronenberg or Norifumi Suzuki... to name a small number of not so random heroes of mine.

Basically, the concept is the only thing transgressive, so anyone hoping to, or even avoiding, digging deeper into the premise is bound to be at least a little disappointed, even bored, by the proceedings.

My biggest complaint is, though is with the protagonists or victims or whatever I'm supposed to consider the people who make up the titular horror.

I can't say I understand why everyone insists the leads in horror movies need to be idiotic, useless and entirely unsympathetic so much of the time, but some part of me just couldn't help pondering what this would have been like if the cast of The Legend of Hell House were trapped in that basement instead of two vacuous New York party girls and a random shrieking Japanese guy.

Hostel was believable in attempting to both sympathize with and comment on the banality of its leads, even if I didn't think its attempts were as successful as I'd have liked.

The Human Centipede has no interest in viewing its protagonists/victims as anything but pieces to be put into place to move the plot forward.

I can't say I enjoyed the movie, Laser's weirdo performance aside, but there's something about the fact that this movie exists that makes me happy. Perhaps it's just that its idea and trailer leaked so far out into the world.

I think people need to have their world's messed up a bit now and then, and this certainly did that for some people.

I kinda wish it'd managed to do a bit of it for me, too.

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