Monday, December 20, 2010

I love Texas

As I said in Legacy, Kimberly Rae and I went to see Tron: Legacy at the Imax.

Here in Austin, that means going to The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. It's 3 blocks from where I live, but this was my first time there, for an IMAX movie or for Texas State History exhibits.

Kim and I had bought tickets online. Hard to believe, but we anticipated that a major blockbuster, eye candy movie could be popular on its first weekend at the IMAX. It's almost like we're psychic.

So, our showing was at 3:00pm. We showed up around noon to a huge line grumbling dumbasses.

Apparently a few of the dumbasses were upset that all of the showings sold out. They were the dumbest dumbasses, but the easiest to dismiss.

The other dumbasses were louder and more obnoxious, though.

Apparently, they had not picked up their tickets early and instead of lining up next to the box office, like thinking beings, lines up in front of the theater. They were pissed that they were moved over to a ticket buyers line after the box office opened, because they weren't yet ticket holders.

It was frankly funny, and Kim and I struggled not to laugh openly at them and how shockingly sanctimonious about how badly they were wronged because they aren't smart enough to go to the movies properly.

We decided we weren't going to get enough out of the museum itself in the time we had to pay to go in, but we checked out the gift shop, which is packed with dumb crap I want to spend too much money on. Books about Texas history, children's books, replica items, clothes, all kinds of cool dorky crap.

Just walking through I found myself remembering that I really do love being in Texas.

Like other transplants here in Austin, I'm sure I'm more comfortable here than I'd ever be in the various other parts of the state, but I stand by that I love the Texasness here. I love the history and feel and cheap, delicious tacos.

Then we went to the 20-minute movie Wild Texas Weather, which was fun. I'm sure something better could be made on the subject, but as a short museum event, it's got some interesting information, presented in an entertaining fashion, which rumbling seats and fake wind.

Sometimes I think about whether I'll ever want to move away from here. I know Kim has a wandering spirit that would like to go other places, at least for some time, so probably we'll end up moving somewhere else eventually, at least for a while.

But right now, I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else forever. This really has become my home.


kimberlicious said...

I talk a big game and i do get the travel bug but i cant help i fucking love texas so much!

Neil Sarver said...

You with your yellow rose and Lone Star flag tattoo? No way!

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