Saturday, December 11, 2010

In a metal mood

I was assured at some age or another that I sometime as I got older, my taste in loud music would drop off.

I'm sure I gave assurances that this was a load of crap and whatnot, but some part of me believed it, because I still think about it.

Lately, I've been thinking about it, sitting through day after day in my cubicle, blasting Motörhead through headphones. Frankly, I'm not sure I'd be doing as well as I am getting through the overtime I've been working if it weren't for the loud music blasting through my ears, keeping my energy up.

Mind you, during my relatively brief "metalhead" period, I was always kind of a shitty metal purist. I've always tended to like what I like, not like what I don't like, which made me bad at dismissing things that weren't hard enough, and certainly always kept me from liking other just because they were so hard.

So, in many ways I drifted away. Not being able to keep company with people who did live that lifestyle, continually digging for the next harder, faster, heavier thing, I only occasionally got around to catching up with the artists I already dug and even less often catching up with new artists.

And, yeah, I suppose my tastes have become broader, perhaps more often odder than more refined, but always more than happy to revisit the sounds that made me so happy so long ago.

I told someone from work that I've been listening to a lot of hard rock and Heavy Metal recently, and they wondered aloud if I was angrier.

I never did like that simplistic conclusion and I don't like it any better now that I've experienced any number of musical moods in my life, not to mention met all the more people who tend toward different musical tastes. I'm not sure I care to go too deep into psychoanalyzing my current "Metal Mood", but I'd say it has more to do with having energy.

In this case a positive, youthful energy from impending fatherhood plays a part.

Of course, there is a certain cynicism in there, especially with politics and such that makes it easy for me to appreciate this brilliant and thundering track from the upcoming The Wörld is Yours.

Man, that just kicks my ass!


Kimberlicious said...

its cause u work customer service now babe . does it every love ya

Neil Sarver said...

It makes lyrics like "We are worse than animals, we hunger for the kill. We put our faith in maniacs the triumph of the will. We kill for money, wealth and lust, for this we should be damned. We are disease upon the world, brotherhood of man." seem more sensible than they might otherwise?

I love you, too!

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