Sunday, December 19, 2010


In my Bruce Boxleitner post, I was kind of harsh on Tron.

Not necessarily unfairly, but without as much pointing out what it was. It was Cyberpunk within the public consciousness before the general public every heard such a word.

It had an absolutely revolutionary look and feel.

Tron: Legacy is probably a better movie in nearly any reasonable way. Even the performances by Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges are more nuanced than their original performances.

I saw it at the IMAX, and it was totally worth it. Perhaps a bit much even.

The new lightcycle sequence is really exciting in IMAX 3-D. The Daft Punk score evokes the Wendy Carlos score for the original, while bringing a certain modernness.

Both Kimberly Rae, who had no attachment to the original, and I had a terrific time.

But my friends and I were blown away by Tron. Sure, we were eleven, but I can't think what we could have or would have seen before that to have prepared us for it. The look, the feel and the ideas were exciting.

So, while this will almost surely have a wider range of fans than the first movie, and rightly so, but I can't imagine, in the world that Tron has already influenced, that the eleven year olds of today will be nearly as excited as my friends and I were watching the original.

I have more thoughts, involving spoilers, that I may develop and discuss in the comments as they develop.

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Neil Sarver said...

One thing that hits me is the question of the inevitable or at least hoped for sequel.

How many of the loose threads of this are the result of shoddy writing/moviemaking or time trim and how many are things that are designed to stretch out for a planned sequel?

And if they're planning a sequel will it really be without Jeff Bridges? There's plenty of room - even some of those open threads - for more Bruce Boxleitner, which is cool for me - but it seems like Bridges was really a draw for a lot of people here.

Was Cillian Murphy's Edward Dillinger Jr. a thread left for a sequel or just a red herring for the who is the black masked fighter that any idiot can tell is Tron guy? I mentioned I'd be mentioning spoilers here, right?

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