Thursday, December 16, 2010

ZZ thoughts

Some part of me would like to do a series of ZZ Top posts like the Van Halen thing I did a while back. There's certainly more than enough material for it.

But here's some thoughts on a handful of songs that have been roaming about my head for a while.

I'm not surprised that ZZ Top, of all bands, did a song about jizzing on a woman's neck. I'm kind of amused that it's not a double entendre but is explicitly only about jizzing on a woman's neck.

But I'm a mostly intrigued what inspires a person to sit down and write a whole song specifically about not jizzing on a woman's neck.

Oh, I wish I really had some thoughts about this one. It's just awesome!


Enjoy And Get It On. I wish I had even a fake video for this. If you don't know the song, do yourself a favor and click the first link off the search.

I know I have issues. There are songs that I think are great and even way better than the hits of their artists that I know aren't hits, but this one really sounds to me like it should've been burning up the FM waves for the last 30 years.

Not to mention, while not unique, not enough songs about sex sound like fun. We get the passionate and lustful along with the sweet and lovey, and various things in-between, all of which are legitimate expressions, but I don't think there's enough fun sex having songs.

I wish I had more to say about this one, aside from it being easily my favorite song off Eliminator.

I'm not even sure exactly what things are supposed to be good and bad in the first half, or even what some of them mean.

"She don't like Pavlov's dogs"?

But I'm terribly impressed that they were able to make a hit out of a song about a guy who is thinking of breaking it off with his girlfriend, but is afraid she'll beat the hell out him and leave him by the side of the road. That's pretty awesome!

Pan Am Highway Blues and She's a Heartbreaker. ZZ Top is a more than fair country band. I kind of wish they'd pursued that more often over the years.

"Pan Am Highway Blues" stands out for me. With all the extra hours I've been working, I keep hearing, "I've gotten good at missin' her, I practice all the time..." and think about going home... although I'm probably being melodramatic.

I suspect both of these were written for From Dusk Till Dawn. Obviously, "She's Just Killing Me" is featured on the end credits, but "Vincent Price's Blues" also seems to pretty closely describe the events. It also has a '60s bubblegum chorus that shouldn't fit the rest of the song, and yet somehow does.

I always lazily assumed this was about black women, but I get the sneaking suspicion actually listening that it's about heroin. While either band singing about sex or drugs is hardly a surprise, but if so, am I the only one who thinks it weird that The Rolling Stones sang the "Brown Sugar" about sex and ZZ Top did the one about drugs?

I don't claim this is a great song. I'm not really sure it's good.

But it's the song I'd want to play when I went up to bat.

No, it wouldn't really make sense, but it'd be pretty sweet anyway.

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