Sunday, January 02, 2011

Death penalty

No, I'm not getting political.

I'm not getting into the wrongs and rights, legals and illegals of it. I don't care to bring politics back here, and if I did, it wouldn't be this issue today.

But I was at work today and death penalty methods came up. Which things are pretty uncommon and which things are no longer done in any states, or we believed were no longer done.

And I was thinking, if I were going to be executed, I wouldn't want any of these new fangled ways to die.

Ok, if it was just I went to bed some night with no expectations and someone could come and give me a shot and I'd go as I slept, then I'd pick that one.

But the choices all involve going to bed one night knowing your going to be killed in the morning, getting woken up, led down a hall and taken somewhere to die, so why bother? I'd rather go old school. Might as well make my one last experience interesting. Hang me, shoot me... Hell, get one of those big burly guys with a hood and an axe!

What the hell, it doesn't matter. The worst part is everything leading up to it, and I'll be dead at the end of it anyway.

Not that it's something I need to be too concerned over, but still...


Greg said...

It's interesting but the reason so many of the more antiquated methods of execution have been abandoned is not that they're less humane but that they have the appearance of being less humane.

We've all read stories (well, I have and if you haven't they're easy to find linked on the Wikipedia article) about the lethal injection not quite working smoothly in some executions, taking too long, etc. And with hanging sometimes the neck doesn't break and they dangle choking to death.

It's not that I think some child killer deserves the best possible treatment but for efficiency sake, a firing squad or guillotine is far better.

Several shots to the heart kill a man instantly as does the instant decapitation of a guillotine. But they have the appearance of being barbaric when, in actuality, they're far less barbaric than lethal injection as far as the executed party is concerned because they're instantaneous. They just look bad to the spectator.

And that being the case, if I were to ever end up on death row in some upside down bizarro universe, I'd want either the guillotine or the firing squad.

Oh yeah, and the last meal (which you can also look up online to get menus for death row last meals); I've never understood how you could possibly eat. I mean, when I'm under mild stress from work or something at home, I can't eat at all. Knowing I'm going to be killed tomorrow?! Fuck, I wouldn't be able to stomach anything! Knowing that, after tomorrow morning I would never again experience consciousness as a sentient being, never ever exist again, that it would all be over forever... there's just no way I could eat a meal of any kind.

Neil Sarver said...

I agree with everything you said here, and I guess there's some extent I intended to say some of it a little sideways without getting deep into the subject.

And, yeah, that meal thing is weird and pointless. I can't think that even if I choked some down I'd enjoy it, it'd be that tasteless lump feeling food gets when you're anxious.

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