Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Kimberly Rae is putting me on a regiment of doing more blogging, as well as more "real writing". We're both working on a list of things to feel like we're doing more.

So, presumably there'll be more up here in days to come, although not all of it will be the highest quality... or maybe it will. I'm not sure I do a lot better at this when I plan.

Today I am thinking about a comment from Bill Ryan of The Kind of Face You Hate. Someone had commented in another forum, "...I can't deny that seeing Kevin Smith movies at a crucial age sparked my interest in cinema as art." and he commented, "For Chrissake, what the fuck were you watching before Smith came along??"

This led to a brief discussion of what may or may not have inspired us to be interested in cinema. I replied, too late to get into any discussion, "I can't remember having a first inspiration. I will say that people who read my screenplays are always surprised I'm not at all Kevin Smith or perhaps Quentin Tarantino like. I'm not much of a dialogue writer at all.

"I guess 'cos I talk too much in real life.

"I like movies being about images and doing. I get too much talking - including my own - in real life. I'm always plenty ready to be done with it with movies."

I don't mean here to dismiss either Smith or Tarantino as writers or potentially as influences on the right people.

But whenever I'm looking to be inspired by what makes movies great and why I want to be a part of them and make someone else inspired, I never stop returning to Sergio Leone.

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