Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jerks and artists

I made a casual reference to Troy Duffy and Overnight in a comment under Tarantino v. Smith.

I've never seen The Boondocks Saints and I don't think I ever will. Why? What's the point? I could never enjoy it knowing what an unforgivable tool Duffy is... And, no, I can't see how anything could have been left out in editing that would make his tooldom forgivable, at least short of healing the sick with his touch.

That guy is fucking piece of garbage!

But is he worse than any of a number of other people whose work I admire?

I'm sure one would be tempted to start such a list with Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. Obviously I was.

There are two factors in this, I think, and I'm not sure which is more important.

I've meant to write about this before, but never had and it may come down to my inability to settle this in my mind.

First, I was a fan of their work before I knew anything about their scandals, in the case of Woody Allen, before it happened. That's something. I fell under the spell of their talent without having it colored by any knowledge of their actions that I might have otherwise been tempted to judge them by or could color my feelings about their talents.

Second, I think I'd get along with both of them. That sounds weird, maybe. I'm not sure that I'd want to be either of their buddies, considering their past actions, even if that were a likely issue in my life. But assuming I was unaware of them, and they were just guys in my social group (and class), I think I'd get along with them.

Maybe I'm kidding myself there, but it certainly is my perception whenever I see them.

On the other hand, Troy Duffy is exactly the kind of guy who has joined social groups I've been in and caused me to drift away from those groups.


Kimberlicious said...

I hope this doesn't break us up but I don't see it. I watched the trailer for "Overnight" and just thought .."Ok hes a local nobody that makes it big real quick" I can't find someone so horrible just because they caught a really lucky break. I mean Woody Allen married His Adopted Daughter for christs sake. Do you hate duffy cause hes a fat boston dude that made it so fast and you feel cheated? I love you please dont hate me *winch* *Cute smile*

Neil Sarver said...

He married the adopted daughter of his girlfriend, with whom he did not live.

That's a simplification, too, but just to show that it's weirdly complicated.

But my point wasn't that those guys aren't fucking assholes for doing the things they did. Just that if I wasn't aware of those things, I think I'd like them as people. We could get beers and talk movies, and I imagine it to be pleasant.

And, while I don't think it really makes sense logically, it affects how I see their movies.

The opposite side is that I sometimes have trouble being bothered to watch movies by people I know I wouldn't like or respect.

And perhaps it's because of the visceral reaction of recognizing the kind of fucking scumbag asshat he is and how worthless self-absorbed pieces of crap are and how they affect the people around them makes it easier to hate than people who do things that are logically worse, but which I'm largely left seeing as an abstraction of a terrible thing.

It's a complicated issue, and one that I've considered a lot, and have thought about writing a long, long post on someday, and have intended to, probably since before I even had a blog... and this was, in its weird way, a throwaway concession of my failure at fully realizing or expressing those ideas.

On the other hand, there's no way the trailer can possibly capture all the things and all of the ways in which that guy sucks.

Neil Sarver said...

And you don't need to make cutie faces at me. I love that you have your own opinions. <3

Kimberlicious said...

umm i think cheating on your girlfriend or wife whatever they were at the time is pretty asshole like behavior but i see your point .. I love you!

Kimberlicious said...

oh wait you said wasn't bad ..but ya im sure i could sit and chat with Woody Allen over Duffy any day...ANYDAY!

Matt-suzaka said...

As I sat and watched Overnight, the entire time all I wanted to do was punch Troy Duffy in his egotistical, domineering, pathetic and completely unacceptable, face! So I know where you're coming from. Boondock Saints is okay at best. Great performance from Willam Defoe, but other wise you're not missing out on much.

Neil Sarver said...

Kim, yeah. I'm in no way defending their actions. Definitely huge dick moves and creepy, to say the very least, and yet I bet they're personable and interesting.

Should that be an important part of my judgment? Not at all.

Is it? I guess so.

Matt, I felt the same way, and that feeling keeps growing and growing as the movie goes on.

And I may eventually try it for Dafoe someday when I'm in the right mood. We'll see.

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