Monday, January 17, 2011

Living for the city

Kimberly Rae and I live in a cool old apartment building in downtown Austin... or where downtown meets the campus area... We really love it. We love the area. We love the convenience and the vibe, and we love our building.

Variously we've gotten disapproval from the sort of people who prefer suburban sorts of places and expect we should, too, and having a child coming has only increased that call.

And ideally we'd happily stand firm raising our child here in this building, in the city, where people are supposed to live.I've mentioned before, for instance in The suburbs, that the suburbs are where hope goes to die, so that's not my first choice.

But increasingly it becomes obvious that this building is a temporary home. The management makes less and less effort every day and now isn't interested in leases. One can assume they know something we don't... or that we can only assume... and that the days of this building are simply numbered.

In the meantime, it seems its livability will drop and drop.

Which means we'll need to look at other options, which disappoints me. If this building was even mildly thriving or even sustained, it would be perfect for us.

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