Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Robert E. Howard Days

I'd been wanting to go to Robert E. Howard Days 2011 for a whole variety of reasons.

I've wanted to go for years and have especially felt I'm limited on reasons not to since moving to Texas, but so far things have never been quite right.

This year I'll even have a newborn Conan, and I'm sure that'd be a joy to bring around.

But it will certainly be more important to take the little guy home to meet friends and family back home, and it's important to me to see them after what's really been way too long. And none of them have even gotten the chance to meet the lovely and charming Kimberly Rae.

I wish everyone involved all the best, it sounds like a particularly exciting year, and I promise I'll come and bring little Conan as soon as I'm able.


Taranaich said...

I'll be going this year to see how the Dan Goudey Memorial's coming along: suffice to say, you'll be there in spirit, if not in person.

You bring lil' Conan soon as you can!

Neil Sarver said...

Thanks so much! I will absolutely be there in spirit. It sounds like a great year.

And I will absolutely bring Conan to it the first chance I possibly can.

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