Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vampire Circus

I assume it's not secret, I am a big fan of the classic Hammer Films movies, Vampire Circus has long eluded me.

Now, it's out from the fine folks at Synapse Films and I got a chance.

It's certainly a bold movie conceptually.

There are bold references to vampirism and children and, as such, implicitly to pedophilia, a subject that far too many horror movies cowardly shy back before even suggesting. There a kind of magical circus with some kind of lycanthropy as part of the show itself.

So, I'm frankly not sure why it isn't my new favorite movie.

I'm sure if I'd seen it at a much younger age, it would have haunted my imagination. As a grown-up, however, I found it lacking. I'm not exactly sure what I felt it lacked.

I may have to consider that for a while, and it's more than strong enough to hold up to that consideration. Perhaps I'll have to revisit another day. Another day when I don't have it built up in my mind.

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