Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I wrote some rather random thoughts on Troll 2 in my post Good/bad.

I expressed my ambivalence toward the idea of Best Worst Movie explaining why Troll 2 is what it is.

For what it's worth, it makes no attempt to do so whatsoever.

It also makes no attempt whatsoever to come to any understanding why the movie connects with audiences.

I'm not sure Best Worst Movie director/Troll 2 star Michael Paul Stephenson was particularly interested in the subject. He certainly shows no interest in separating the usual gang of cynical hipsters who just enjoy laughing at other people's failures and the fans who have apparently found some strange personal connection to this movie, or in coming to any understanding at all of what that connection might be.

Stephenson clearly fell in love with George Hardy, the actor who played his father in the movie, as a subject, and more than half the movie focuses on him as a subject. He's an interesting subject and a movie built around him as a subject would be remarkably interesting.

Unfortunately, Best Worst Movie isn't able to frame itself around him as a subject, so even that feels rather formless.

In The Best Worst Movie Ever Made Of All Time by Marty McKee, he says, "I couldn’t decide whether Best Worst Movie was crazy, depressing, or hilarious."

I can't either. I was potentially interested in the movie of the phenomenon of Troll 2... and still would be.

The George Hardy movie could certainly be interesting.

Surprisingly, though, the movie I really wish I could see is the movie about the various ancillary players in the story. There was a lot of sadness in there, but somehow those moments were the most genuine of the movie, and while it would have been a more difficult to watch, it probably would have offered more.

In this context, the depressing elements already weigh too heavy on this movie to accept it as a kind of celebration of a weird little cult movie, but not enough to make it feel particularly worthwhile.

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Neil Sarver said...

Some potentially out of context comments I made on Facebook, "I can enjoy a good bad movie, too, although it's one of those experiences I like best when it happens by accident. I will say there's something so strange about Troll 2 that it's hard not to be drawn into a kind of hilarious fascination with it even when the fact of its absurdity has already been passed on.

"I was certainly more interested in the rabid Troll 2 fans than I was of the snarky superior viewers and really do wish we'd gotten to explore more of what keeps them coming back, but we were mostly just given the fact of it.

"And while that guy clearly seemed to feel superior with his question regarding the title, it seems obvious to me that the title was entirely about marketing and probably made by someone other than Claudio Fragasso, who clearly made enough inexplicable decisions that it hardly seems worth getting on his case over one so easily explained."

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