Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm tired of how self-involved the world is, he blogged

It's not just Shame on you, Texas! that has me frustrated.

I'm tired of so much.

Maybe Greg Ferrara and Anger Week is getting to me, or maybe there's just something raging through the Internet that's affecting us both.

I had a bunch of thoughts on blogging and what I wanted from this blog and what I think of the so-called blogosphere as a whole, but I feel too discouraged to even get into it.

The self-involvement of everyone out there and the amount of family members and their insensitivity and friends and their schadenfreude and everyone and their desire to convincing themselves and those around them that they're right, instead of actually being right.

And certainly none of that has any place for humility and caring for those they supposedly care for and should be supporting.

Sometimes the world is just too goddamn ugly.



Greg said...

Maybe I'll write something this week that will help you vent. I hope so.

Neil Sarver said...

God, I hope so! That'd be great.

Get on it.

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