Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The most important day of the year!

It's the 27th birthday of my love, my best friend, my fiancée, the love of my life and the mother of my son-to-be.

It's been a crazy, awesome rollercoaster of a year, and I'm glad I've had Kim with me through the highs and lows. She's my joy and my rock. I'm looking forward to having her with me for the rest of her birthdays.

I hope it's a good day. I know it's an exciting, exciting year ahead and I'm glad I have someone so wonderful to spend it with.

Happy birthday, may love. Thanks for making me the luckiest man on Earth!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! :)

Kimberlicious said...

I think its been a great year! especially since i have got to share it with you, you are so sweet and I am so very lucky to have you. Every birthday i have with you is the best birthday no matter what! I love you!

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