Monday, February 28, 2011

Tarantino goes west

I know not to trust rumors about upcoming Quentin Tarantino projects, not even if they come directly out Tarantino's mouth. Perhaps especially if they come directly out of Tarantino's mouth.

There have been many projects that have come and gone through rumor, most originating from some time Tarantino thought out loud in some interview or another.

A western has long been on the slate of things discussed as possible, whether an adaptation of Forty Lashes Less One by Elmore Leonard or a tribute to the Spaghetti Western, although the latter seemed potentially sated by Kill Bill, vol. 2.

However the rumor that ends up being this story, Quentin Tarantino’s Planning a Spaghetti Western With Christoph Waltz by Nathan Adams, ran wild today.

It began with the proper skepticism. Perhaps it's a project that originates with Franco Nero or perhaps Enzo G. Catellari that Tarantino is helping to foster in some way and.or perhaps he's doing a cameo, such as in Sukiyaki Western Django by Takashi Miike.

But then voices started growing firmer and more confident that this the next Quentin Tarantino movie, and tribute to Sergio Leone at that.

Was it just the rumor building up on itself or is this a real story breaking?

Any of those possibilities sounds intriguing, but somehow Tarantino seriously going to the west... especially the Spaghetti West... is too intriguing not to hope for.

I guess the days to come will tell.


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