Sunday, March 06, 2011

Drive angry

I'm not sure what to say about Drive Angry.

It's so much more compelling than so many other recent attempts at faux drive-in fare, such as Bitch Slap and Hell Ride.

It certainly is all the things it should be, including single-mindedly simple, something a lot of people complained Machete missed in capturing that flavor.

But somehow it lacked much sense of surprise. I mean, aside from a couple of moments that were like "Oh, they really are going to take it there. Interesting." kind of surprises, but nothing I didn't see coming.

On the other hand, I'm not sure it was trying for that. It may have been trying to be the kind of bullet train to its destination kind of movie that doesn't make room for plot twists or unexpected twists.

I totally admire its energy and am thrilled to see more movies committed to going all out for its thrill ride, so I'm definitely feeling positive about it.

And it certainly was a fun way to spend 100 minutes of my life.

I'm just not sure that makes it good - even good trash - even if I'm sure it's not bad.

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