Tuesday, March 15, 2011


With all that going on in our lives, and Kim getting increasingly tired, we've decided it's probably not the time to try to dedicate all of our free time on The Hobo with a Shotgun Trailer Contest, although I'll be following it like any good trashy movie lovin' dork.

But it has reminded me that this kind of creativity is something I've been neglecting, and perhaps getting a quick and dirty thing or two done just to get things going is probably a good idea for... soon.

So, on to pondering what a good quick and dirty project for... soon might be.


Kimberlicious said...

im sorry baby..i love you so much

Neil Sarver said...

Don't worry, baby.

(Everything will turn out, all ri-i-ight...)

It'll be better this way, especially since I think it's kicked both of our asses that it's a good idea to do a/some quick and dirty movie projects down the road... hopefully shortly down the road.

Kimberlicious said...

aww i love u

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