Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Yep, it's that time

The 25th birthday of Robert Iler, the 30th of Bryce Dallas Howard, the 43rd for Daniel Craig, the 49th birthday of Jon Bon Jovi, the 56th of Dale Bozzio and Jay Osmond, the 59th of Mark Evanier and Laraine Newman, the 62nd for Eddie Money and Gates McFadden and the 68th for Peter Straub, the 69th of Lou Reed and John Irving, the 70th of Jon Finch and the 80th of Mikhail Gorbachev and Tom Wolfe.

It also would have been the 61st for Karen Carpenter, the 63rd for Rory Gallagher, the 92nd for Jennifer Jones, the 94th for Desi Arnaz, the 106th for Theodor Geisel/Dr. Seuss, the 110th for Kurt Weill, the 125th for Willis O'Brien and the 218th for Sam Houston.

It's also the, gulp, 40th for your friend and humble narrator.


Kimberlicious said...

It is indeed a great day! Its the day you came into this world! Yay! I couldnt be more proud to be your fiance and keeper of your spawn(hehehe..i said spawn) I hope its a great one!

Tony Dayoub said...

Happy Birthday! I thought you were going to say Conan had arrived (haven't kept track of when he's due). Good luck this upcoming year.

Jeremy Richey said...

Happy Birthday! I will hitting that big 40 in the next couple of years as well. Have a great day.

Neil Sarver said...

Kim, thank you so much! I adore you. I'm so luck to have you in my life and bearing my spawn.

Tony, thanks! I should have thought of that when I came up with that title, huh?

Jeremy, thanks! I did. Good luck with that. I'm pretty excited about it actually.

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