Sunday, April 10, 2011

The future

I'm still thinking about webcomics, independent serial and whatnot. Been working at thinking about it more in fact.

It seems like none of these things have really broken out yet. I keep expecting something to, even within some minor circle that I touch into, but it never seems to happen.

Every once in a while some buzz will come that an online story is coming and yet they must come and go, because I never even hear they're around, at least until I remember to seek them out.

More and more people are watching and reading and whatnot online, so someone should have managed it. Is it because no one can draw any over to anything they've never heard of aside from a short comedy bit? Something like that doesn't help.

Although I suspect it ultimately comes down to everything one does find turns out to be a lesser version of something you've seen before, except better.

I'd like to see someone really throw down something unbelievable and unexpected.

Maybe I'll take the chance to do that... or take a shot at it. Trying to work out my creative muscles.

I consider trying to pursue what it would do to make cartoons... like finding people more talented than me, but Me moviemaker and part of that joy for me is in the standing and doing and watching it happen, so maybe it's for the best.

I don't know. Now, I'm just going to try to stop thinking about it and just watch The Killing Machine by Dolph Lundgren...

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