Thursday, July 28, 2011

Die, random notes, die!

There are two reasons I'm annoyed with Blogpourri by Marty McKee.

First, I've been too busy, tired, frustrated, scattered to keep up on writing, so not only did I not make this most wondrous list, but I can't even feel hurt that I didn't.

Second, I've been too busy, tired, frustrated, scattered to keep on reading the blogs I already follow without being told about new ones, but of course if Marty makes suggestions, I have to pay attention and there are several there I'll need to add to my blogroll.

Most importantly is Glorious Trash, "Trawling the depths of forgotten fiction, films, and beyond, with yer pal, Joe Kenney", which is amazing. I'm not sure how I've managed to not read it yet.

I was also too busy, tired, frustrated, scattered to write anything for Racist Images in Classic Films: A Conversation by Kimberly Lindbergs. It's a fascinating subject and I had a whole host of thoughts when I was first invited, but I didn't get them sorted out in time and my Internet wasn't cooperating.

It's a great article at its current length and with Conan being three-and-a-half months old, it may be just as well I didn't butt my head in with what I now only imagine I'll feel once he's old enough for me too be concerned about such issues.

I have been working and watching a ton of Doctor Who. I'm quitting smoking, so spending free time with thinking or anything that doesn't involve staring blankly at flashing lights.

I must confess, I've never watched it until not, in any form, not even the apparently much different non-canon movies with Peter Cushing, despite the fact that they have Peter Cushing.

I've been interested in trying it out for years - even decades - but I've always been unsure where to jump in and finally just figured that the beginning of the recent run was as good a place as any and, well, yep...

I was until a couple days ago at least. The Runaway Bride kinda kicked the crap out of my enthusiasm. That is one seriously shitty episode of television. Yeah, I know comic relief was the way to follow-up the end of series 2, but really!

I am kicking around a new idea. It's not replacing "Gaunt Land", which I'm working on as a comic.

It's a bit inspired by "Doctor Who", although probably not in a way most people would be or would expect. Kimberly Rae are planning to kick ideas around for it soon. When I'm able to act civilized, which I hope will be this weekend.

It was originally more whimsical than it's evolving in my mind. I blame Marty McKee and Joe Kenney.

Seriously, reading these crazy reviews, I can't help wishing that some of these had been adapted as movies, although I suppose none would have made it through that process with their madness intact, but I can't stop imagining Blood For Breakfast, Blood Oath, Death Quest or The Devil's Claw movies.

They're insane!

Someone should create a direct-to-video studio dedicated to those kinds of adaptations. I swear.

For now, suffice it to say, the dreams of these non-existent movies of books I've only planned to read are infecting the whimsical part of my brain and turning it even darker than my imagination usually is.

Perhaps Kim can balance that out... at least a little.


Marty McKee said...

Hell's bells, I knew somebody was going to be pissed. :). Believe me, there are a lot of cool blogs I didn't include this time. At least you're still listed in the scroll on the side of my blog.

And, yes, you need to read some TNT books stat. Check my blog for my reviews, though Joe's are generally more comprehensive.

Neil Sarver said...

Oh, so not pissed!

Believe me, I know it's been a while since I posted often enough to be on anyone's daily check list. You've pointed people my way a bunch of times and I've always been terribly surprised, although pleasantly, of course.

And I do need to get on reading more men's adventure books and stop reveling so much in reviews, such as yours and Joe's.

TNT is way at the top of one's I want to hunt down. I still need to read more "Black Samurai", which I loved the book I did read. And I still have Baroness mentally noted from when you reviewed it, here, and Joe's reviews only confirm that.

Marty McKee said...

The Black Samurais are extremely good. Marc Olden also wrote the Narc series under a pen name, and it's also very good. The Baroness series is great too, but no one has ever read anything as fucked up as TNT.

Neil Sarver said...

The Narc's sound good, but more of a stretch for me, although that's probably me being fussy.

The TNT series sounds insane and I definitely have to read it.

For anyone just catching up now, Marty's review of the first TNT book is in What I've Been Reading and Joe's is in The Madness Begins...

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