Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Return of the son of random note's ghost

In my last full blown random notes post, Revenge of the random notes, I wrote, "It's been a long time since I've written a full-blown random notes post. I think largely Twitter and Facebook have taken up that need."

That's interesting as social networking is one of the things I want to talk about.

First of all, though, I should warn Greg Ferrara - or should I say "fancy-schmancy Greg Ferrara, Movie Morlock"? (And congratulations again on that, man!) - that if he doesn't get on his post about giving up on DVD collecting that he suggests he wants to write in the comments for Death of a packaging junkie by fancy-schmancy Richard Harland Smith, Movie Morlock or he'll find himself commenting on my post on the subject.

Anyway, I'm not sure about Google+. I hear people getting excited about it, but I'm not sure...

I got an invitation - Thanks, Jordan! - and I've poked around, although just a little, and I'm not sure why I should care.

I've been dragged around social networks a lot. I joined Friendster, which was boring. I went on to Myspace, which was amusing enough for a bit, but seemed lacking.

Facebook seemed - seems - to have the basic functionality that made social networking make sense. I'm not without complaints, although I'm not among those who seems to find complaining about Facebook to be their favorite Facebook activity. But ultimately, it had what it took and I felt - feel - settled there.

And the most important reason for that is that everyone came to Facebook. All of the Myspace hold-outs eventually made, along with my mom and about everyone else it was important to me to share my life with, family, friends and people I want to associate with.

A lot of people, notably in my notice is Victor Gischler, seem to be excited about it, and it may have made some minor improvements in functionality, but without all of the people it seems pointless, and I don't see any of the improvements mentioned to be enough to uproot most people?

Video chat? Yeah... The fact that Facebook wants to assume I want available for chat to be my default is on my list of complaints. I rarely want to chat online and I never, ever want to video chat!

(Ok, if you don't tell anybody else, I'd probably video chat with my mom just to see if I could get Conan to do cute stuff for her, although he's probably too ornery.)

Anyway, I've been reading The Complete Drive-In by Joe R. Lansdale. First of all, I love Lansdale. He's at the top of some list of writers I'd write too much like if I were any good at imitation.

(I reckon it's good I'm not good at imitation, Lansdale is better at being Lansdale than I could ever hope to be. I'm happy with what I do being the things it turns out to be that's its own curious beast, I promise.)

I've read through the first two novels, "The Drive-In: A 'B' Movie with Blood and Popcorn, Made in Texas" and "The Drive-In 2: Not Just One of Them Sequels", and I'm hoping to write up a longer post on the trilogy soon.

Mostly, though, as well as being inspiring to me creatively, Lansdale's notes reminded me I need to get on a writing schedule. All of my successfully completed writing projects have involved me getting on a writing schedule. And all of the things and times I've dawdled and gotten nowhere - being most of the times - were ones I didn't do that.

I may even include a specific blogging schedule as well, as I think that is positive for my writing overall, just for consolidating thoughts, even if it doesn't get my writing writing done.

Now, however, I have Gaunt Land ideas piling up in my head and hopefully a meeting soon with Niza Noxx, who I've been talking about collaborating with on doing it as a comic book, so I need to get myself rocking.

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Neil Sarver said...

Tony Dayoub tweeted to me, More and more, Google+ is sounding like the next BetaMax.

I think LaserDisc might be a slightly more accurate comparison, but it's on track.

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