Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Naked aesthetics

I think we've taken a weird step backward as a society.

Yeah, probably a few. And a bunch of others forward. It's how things work, I know.

But I'm not here to speak to any of those other issues.

There's a thought process by which people - it seems guys most often - have reduced all naked - or nearly naked - people to a binary process of "I want to have sex with that naked person" and "I am offended and/or disgusted by that naked person."

I have gotten any number of comments from people assuming I'll agree with - or even understand - this point of view. Sometimes it's about naked men, others about women that the person perceives as not attractive enough for their taste.

I don't.

Mind you, I've expressed that I'm kind of a 12-year-old most of the time with attractive women. I almost never get around to any in my attraction past, "Whee! Boobies!" And if I do, it usually involves putting them in a movie.

So, maybe it's less about my more evolved ability to not be offended and/or disgusted and more that I don't immediately leap to the idea of intercourse at any point I see a naked person that makes this not make sense to me.

On the other hand, that confusing binary approach doesn't seem to apply to the neighbor's dog, Eric Clapton's guitar, an old tuba or a brand new car.

Whatever. I'm just not offended or disgusted by naked people I'm not attracted to. They're just people and they're just naked.

It's cool. Really.

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