Thursday, September 08, 2011

End of politics

A while back I did some clean-up here at this ol' Bleeding Tree. One of the key things I did was to delete the vast majority of political posts. There were a variety of reasons. Part of it was to avoid being quite as alienating quite as often to those with whom I disagree.

Honestly, the other part is that I don't care.

Hiding somewhere in an article like this, Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult by Mike Lofgren, with which I disagree with little to nothing and only feel more discouraged.

The fact is, I think the system is broken.

I think the binary two-party system not only doesn't work, it actually actively works against us at this point. By it's basic nature.

So it doesn't matter that Democrats are substantially less evil and anti-American than Republicans. It's simply not a very significant accomplishment.

And while we are trapped within this, there's simply no benefit to participating. Participation is ultimately a way we feed the monster that's killing us.

I know, that's bad. Apathy is the problem, etc.

And it's true, a wave of universal passion would actually have an effect, however that's not going to happen either.

I'm sorry to get so cynical. I just wanted to get it out, so I could move past it.

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