Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye, Arbogast

Laying myself to rest announces the end of the great blog Arbogast on Film. The writings there have slowed down, so I admit I'm not at all surprised, and I guess the time when I regularly read and participated in the discussions at various blogs has already come and gone.

But the passing of this wonderful, always entertaining and insightful blog, that seemed almost emblematic of what movie blogging could be, seems just to mark the final nail in that period when there seemed to be a group of us bloggers, all taking new looks at movies and forming our own little community.

I don't at all miss where my life was during that time, so some of that was certainly an escape for me. But on another level it was exciting and new and fresh, so it was a wonderful escape.

Thanks, Arbo, and godspeed.

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