Friday, December 30, 2011

Music from nothing... or from something else

I read Fargo Rock City long before Cluck Klosterman became spokesmodel for hipster nostalgia-ism.

I kind of liked it as a read actually, although I can't say I benefited in any way from reading it, and apparently not enough to have found even the slightest interest in reading anything he's written since.

In the book, he goes on at great, effusive length about how much he loved Guns N' Roses. I was not of the same feeling, then or now. It frequently puts me at odds with those of my age group, but they never did anything for me, and Axl Rose's voice sounds like the aural equivalent of someone shitting into my ear canal, which kind of throws off whatever small pleasures I might otherwise derive from the band's talents as musicians.

Yet I was always inclined to give Klosterman his assertion that when Appetite For Destruction came out, it sounded like nothing that came before it.

Now, however, I've noticed something. If I I'm across the room or not paying close attention, and don't immediately identify the song, I can't tell the difference between that era of Guns N' Roses and the era of Mötley Crüe that immediately preceded it. I almost always misidentify them.

I'm no longer sure I understand why Klosterman's claim even sounded credible.

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