Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nancy Massetti, drunken motorpsycho

Kimberly Rae and I were coming home from a trip to the HEB with Conan a little before 6pm this evening.

We pulled up to the end of a row of cars and stopped in the turn lane on William Cannon to turn onto Bluff Springs. Suddenly and very unexpectedly, we were struck with a surprising strength from behind by a car that almost certainly didn't have its headlights on.

My first concern was Conan and getting him out of the car to check him. The apparently inebriated driver of the 2007 Jaguar with Texas vanity plates RAAVEN got out of her car and almost immediately took a mocking and threatening tone to Kim, who was driving the car.

After debating the facts of the case with this worthless troll for a few minutes until her aggressively told falsehoods about the circumstances of the accident had thrown off Kim's already shaken emotions. We agreed to contact the proper authorities and park at the Valero on the corner.

As we waited, she began hurriedly throwing things away from her car in a green satchel of some kind.

We provided our report to the police. We had the EMS workers check over our son, who is thankfully fine so far.

The damage to the car seems to be minor. Kim is feeling very shaken up and increasingly achy, which we're hoping is merely a symptom of the stress of the accident itself as well as that of being verbally abused and threatened by the party responsible for that physical stress as well as the threat to our infant son, a woman reported to us to be a Nancy Massetti.

As we were pulling away, the police were running a field sobriety test on Ms. Massetti. I hope that she is, properly, spending tonight in jail, and will have a number more to spend in the future.

This piece of human garbage never once, for even a fraction of a second, offered the tiniest level of concern or human empathy for the fact that she had seriously endangered the life of our infant son. She tried to put all of the blame for the accident on Kim, despite running into us from behind while we were stopped at a light.

There are genuinely chilling moments in life when one is faced with the fact that not all sociopaths are serial killers, some are just the people who run into us with cars and just... don't care.

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