Tuesday, December 27, 2011

VH 2012

I hope this image is actually the cover of the upcoming Van Halen album. It seems to symbolically capture everything about this incarnation of the band. I'm excited.

UPDATE: The email update this came in was titled "The Future". I infer a solid possibility that could be the title of the new album. I hope it is. I think it, along with that picture, would make a perfect statement about where the band is heading. I could analyze that to death, but I'll leave it. Interestingly, "The Future" is also a really nice title for a follow-up to my previous Van Halen posts.

Part I: The Party
Part II: Hair of the Dog
Part III: Mid-Life
Part IV: Decrepitude
Part V: Monsters
Part VI: Hired Guns
Part VII: The Future

It could almost have been written to that.

And, yeah, I had to leave out Van Halen: Coda for it to work. Shut up!

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