Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Black and white

Obviously, this is something to deal with down the road a bit, but I want to get this out there.

I will do everything in my power - short of creating one of those hopeless power struggles that alienates us from one another - to ensure Conan grows up watching and not dismissing black and white movies.

Yes, the starting place will be to simply shuffle black and white movie into the things he watches, as they're appropriate, without making it an issue of it. That's certainly how it worked for me. It wasn't until I was about thirteen the first time I ever heard anyone express a concern about black and white. It was a girl who was really cute and a year or two older, but I kind of lost interest in her, even then.

Obviously I know I'd find a way to get past it in my son, but it remains a basic deal breaker. I'm old enough that I'd no longer dismiss an entire relationship based on whether someone likes black and white, but I will that hearing a person doesn't like black and white in principle does render all of their other opinions on movies to be worthless, just not worth discussing at all, just white noise in the mix of the room.

I'm sure that will be hardly an issue at all for his generation, but it still seems important to me.

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Neil Sarver said...

I originally posted this without a widget, but when I decided to just put one on for fun, I quite enjoyed it.

The selection is not intended as a definitive guide to proving the greatness of black and white cinema. It's just a selection of black and white movies and shows I saw and enjoyed in my childhood, along with a few I've seen since, but felt were in a similar vein. I did use Drew McWeeny's Film Nerd 2.0, especially this post this post, to refresh my memory in some cases.

I watched and loved "The Rifleman" as a kid. I couldn't tell you when it ran or why I started, as my western geekery is largely a thing I picked up in adulthood. I assume it had some affect on it, and may have even been some kind of catalyst for my eventual Peckinpah fandom.

The Blondie movies are another I have fond memories of. I have no idea now why. Not because I've gone back and revisited them, since I haven't, but my memories of them are all of office politics and accounts and things that seem boring to me now, even less then. I've heard them casually dismissed since, and I'm sure if I do try them out with Conan at some point - and, yeah, that's be quite a ways down the line - I won't find them the height of cinema, but I am curious what I will think of them.

I didn't have a guide through this mostly. I kind of decided I liked old things myself and sought out things like "Matinee at the Bijou" and what have you on my own. I'm sure Conan's experience will be different all around.

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