Monday, March 05, 2012

The Alamo, the future and writing

My job is ending this week. It was a seasonal position and this was essentially expected.

Yeah, it's more complicated than that, but that's a story for another day and most likely another forum.

I could be depressed, for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the most basic idea of eventual insecurity that could result from it.

But I'm genuinely energized. I'll get some time at home. I'll get to spend time with Kimberly Rae and our little Conan. I'll be able to help her out. She's been the stay at home mom for coming on a year and is to the point of really, really needing a break here and there, and I'm glad I'll be able to be the one to do it.

Not to mention, we both just got Kindle Fires, and I have mine overloaded with reading material and a backlog of need to read. Right now, I'm working on SEAL Team Six #1 by Chuck Dixon, which isn't my usual reading, but I'm quite enjoying it.

But that's not the most important non-family point.

I'm getting back to writing. I'm wholly committed, and, for the first time in a long time, just itching to do it. Not itching to have it done, but actually to sit and make words appear on paper, so to speak. Right now, I'm definitely going to start with prose writing. I'm still noodling in my head with what prose project I'll start with. I certainly don't know if this is a stop over point for me to stretch my chop before I get back to screenwriting/moviemaking or if it's a turn in the road.

We'll see.

I've also become more open to move out of Austin.

This weekend, we made a fairly spontaneous trip to San Antonio. I'd not gotten around to going any cities outside Austin, and it seemed as good a time as any and Kim jumped on it and made a weekend of it.

I'm now kind of in love with San Antonio.

Here in Austin, you meet a fair number of transplants who like to show off their credibility by saying how much they love Austin, but despise Texas. I understand the argument, but the longer I'm here, the more I love Texas.

Mind you, my love and my son are both officially native Texans. That can't hurt.

But overall, I've got to say, I love everything about it.

I spent my weekend in and around The Alamo.

The fuckin' Alamo! I'm sorry, that's just goddamn awesome.

We daydreamed about the possibility of moving to San Antonio. One of the benefits of having a long lease is the ability to speculate about what you'll do when it ends with pretty broad freedom.

But we became the most comfortable thinking about moving to one of the towns that little towns in between... Offhand I'm inclined toward New Braunfels, home to Schlitterbahn and this truckstop... Whatever, that truck stop has a ton of GraphicAudio CDs and a Rambo Arcade Game! I could move in there.

We'll see. Perhaps that will be a reasonable course of action if we find a workable financial, home, family arrangement. Maybe even with me eking out a living or enough to be a benefit with Kim working from writing, during this hiatus from the outside world.

That probably sounds like me pushing real work onto Kim. That's not accurate, though. I'd spend my days digging a ditch if it were needed to support Kim and Conan, I promise. Really we've agreed that, if doable, her in the workforce is the better plan all around, because she likes being around all of those strange people out in the world. I merely tolerate it... often barely tolerate it.

All of this is 3/4 pipe dream, but it's the one I'm working toward, at least until necessity make us change course.

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