Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get your ass to Mars!

Yeah, I made that joke in this post already, but I don't care!

I posted my review of John Carter of Mars earlier, in this post. I'm not sure how my credibility is standing these days, though. Perhaps I've given at least one too many excited reviews of new movies... or maybe that's just my interpretation. Either way, I offer some other voices.

7 Reasons to Go See John Carter of Mars This Weekend by Neil Miller. Umm... then this next weekend maybe?

Ignore The Critics: John Carter of Mars Is Fantastic by Erik Kain.

Movie Review: John Carter of Mars by Tony Dayoub.

John Carter of Mars: flop or victim? by The Beat.

John Carter of Mars (Andrew Stanton, 2012) by Darius Whiteplume.

Movie Review: John Carter of Mars by The Movie Guys.

John Carter of Mars: A Welcome Sight for Fan Boys by Glenn Kenny.

John Carter of Mars by Outlaw Vern.

John Carter of Mars does pulp science-fiction right and on a grand scale by Drew McWeeny.

Box Office Be Damned, John Carter of Mars is a Cinematic Wonder by Robert Levin.

John Carter Should Have Been Called A Princess of Mars by Devin Faraci.

Neal Adams, one of the greatest comic/fantasy artists of all time, wrote on Facebook, "It was like the first time I watched Star Wars. So much stuff came together. That guy was John Carter. That girl was Dejah Thoris. And all the other characters, I went a little nuts for 2-3 hours..."

Seriously, I don't feel like letting this go. Bring on The Gods of Mars...

... and beyond!

UPDATE: More reviews.

There’s plenty of life on Mars in Disney’s John Carter of Mars by videowordmadeflesh.

Burroughs' Mars novels inspires action, romance in John Carter of Mars by William Kerns.

A Princess of Mars by Samurai Frog (followed up in Film Week).

Review: John Carter of Mars by robotGEEK.

So This Guy Walks Into a Barsoom... by Hank Brown, quoting the thoughts of Jim Morris.

John Carter of Mars - 2012 by The Comic Critic.

How John Carter of Mars Made Me Young Again by Pete Peterson.

John Carter of Mars: Idiots Need Not Apply by Max Allan Collins.

John Carter's Greatest Challenge by Greg Bear.

John Carter of Mars (2012) by Roderick Heath.

John Carter of Mars: A Blockbuster Lost In Space, Time And Multiplex by Don Guarisco.

I Dream of Mars

Movie Pick: John Carter of Mars by Derek Hill.

UPDATE II: Some examination.

Some Random Theories About Why John Carter of Mars Flopped by Charlie Jane Anders.

It’s now clear, after yesterday’s announcement – Disney viewed John Carter of Mars as a hospice case all along and John Carter: An Open Letter to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Richard Ross by Dotar Sojat.

Phoning In The Thark Jump by Buzz Dixon.

John Carter vs. the Mainstream by Ty Templeton.

John Carter of Mars: Worst Marketed Movie Ever? by Nicholas Yanes.


Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks for the link, and I too am looking forward to a sequel, and Gods of Mars is a perfect fit. More monsters, more bad guys, more of the already awesomely done Holy Therns.

One thing I neglected to mention in my review is that I am glad they avoided the whole "there are no stairs on Barsoom" thing Burroughs would pull out at times. Barsoomians were always confounded by stairs, but that makes no sense at all. They are not zombies :-) Every time I saw stairs I thought about that.

Neil Sarver said...

My pleasure. Great post.

I generally agree. I'm kind of glad I didn't manage to get "A Princess of Mars" re-read this year, so I didn't make many specific comparisons. I'll definitely be re-reading the next ones soon, though.

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