Saturday, May 26, 2012


I've been filling up some of my silences with show tunes, On Broadway Radio.

I rarely go out of my way way to discuss my love of musicals, not at all out of concern for my perceived masculinity, but because there's a culture issue where people are less and less able to appreciate the musical.

That might be on a slow turnaround, though. Who knows?

With some of the similar musicals in recent years, I'm reminded of my years old desire to do a musical version of Return of the Living Dead. Yeah, it was bordering on repeating a joke, if nothing else the joke of Little Shop of Horrors most famously, before and with multiple similar ideas executed, it'd be pretty hopeless to even consider.

By the way, I've not seen Evil Dead, The Toxic Avenger or Re-Animator, which were some of the more famous examples of what I'm talking about, but I've got to say, Return of the Living Dead feels to be like it has way more potential.

Mind you, the "Re-Animator" musical was directed by Stuart Gordon, who not only directed the original Re-Animator movie upon which the musical is based, but is also the founder of Chicago's Organic Theater Company and a flat-out genius, so I'd love to see that one and how it plays out. Don't get me wrong at all.

But the idea of writing a musical is returning. I remember I had an idea to do a Porky's-type teen movie as a musical.

Which isn't to say that any of it's good idea. Probably I should just go back to listening to other musical styles and writing the things that I had on the table. Sometimes I think out-loud... or here and on Facebook.


Well, posting this, much of it anyway, led to a flurry of response that was quite positive toward the idea of a Porky's musical.

Of course, this led to my confession that I was actually thinking of Screwballs, to the extent I was thinking of doing a literal adaptation of an '80s teen comedy.

Both are period pieces and would offer a nice opportunity to try to write in semi-period style, like "Little Shop of Horrors", Hairspray or Grease. That sounds fun. Certainly much more fun than trying to write in a semi-'80s style like if I wrote about my actual high school years.

That sounds awful.

Is that what Footloose: The Musical sounds like?

Of course, if I write a contemporary teen story, that just ends up being Neil's version of High School Musical, doesn't it? No one wants that. It sounds creepy.

I definitely need to go back to thinking of other things entirely.

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