Sunday, July 22, 2012

Man tease

So, this came out, and is getting discussed.

If nothing else, it reminded me that I hated Superman Returns. Hated hated hated hated hated it.

I have a larger rant on Superhero Origins - Or is it "Franchise Character Origins"? - and how they have to go. Filmsploitation Podcast Special #5: The Amazing Spider-Man Review with Phil Hobden and Ross Boyask covers some of it.

But they all have to fucking go!

Yes, I can make excuses for some and forgive them for touching on it. People think they care about origins, so give 'em a little bone, that's fine.

Man of Steel has no excuse. Frankly, neither did The Amazing Spider-Man.

Everyone knows those origins. You don't even need to fucking hint at them.

That said, assuming the pre-Superman fucking bullshit doesn't take up too much actual running time, you could do worse than this Superman For All Seasons texture.

Now, that goddamn Superman Returns borrowed the villain as well as the entire plot of Superman: The Movie and now Man of Steel is bringing back General Zod, straight out of Superman II, can I assume I should be wondering who they'll be stunt casting as Gus Gorman in the next "reboot"?

UPDATE: Fuck your fucking origin my screed against origin stories is now live. Enjoy.

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