Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have an odd relationship with heavy metal.

Or maybe it's common and no one talks about it.

I am of an age that becoming a fan was common. It's also a part of heavy metal random that one comes to associate with it as a lifestyle, gang and way of life. Well, I never quite fit in there, truth be told... Yeah, I never fit in with any of the misfit groups. I was that guy.

But some part of me still associates with that lifestyle, despite never living it.

And while I imagine every year that I'll finally be too old to listen to it for anything other than nostalgia, it keeps coming back to me and demanding my attention. It is, after all, loud and abrasive.

The trouble is, while the things I'm fond of - Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and sometimes Motörhead - have a strong tendency to be things I love unreservedly, there's far too much of even the most popular of it that I could take or leave... not to mention a fair amount more that I'd certainly leave.

So I'm a little excited to rediscover Loudness, who I've only listen led to rarely since the 1980s, and find them to fit on my fairly short list of metal bands I really connect with.

The only really frustrating part is that what I've heard of the music they've done since reuniting the original band in 2000, it seems to be the strongest of their career.

For instance, "Break New Ground", embedded above off their newest album 2-0-1-2 sounds amazing to me and RockShocks is new recordings of some of their older songs, which I - somewhat controversially, I'm told - think all bands with albums from the '80s should record.

Unfortunately, most of that seems unavailable for streaming, and a tad on the expensive side to purchase on this side of the Pacific.

I'm excited by it, though. Those obstacles are not the end of this.

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