Monday, February 11, 2013


In, Money shot, my positive note for Money Shot by Christa Faust, I wrote, "I've been meaning to read 'Money Shot' by Christa Faust for too long to have any good excuses."

You might have thought I'd learn my lesson, but, no, I've had the most intriguing looking Hoodtown in my possession for something close to a year and only just got around to reading it. If anything, this was an even bigger mistake.

I've got a massive headache or I might consider trying to convince you of its charms. But, please, go read Forgotten Books: Hoodtown - Christa Faust by Bill Crider.

I'll reiterate that it's called a Lucha-noir on the cover. That's what sold me. I've been meaning to jump further into Lucha entertainment, although generally Lucha movies. This is probably something more interesting than most of those are, with its alternate world in which Luchas have an entire society, oppressed by the larger society of "Skins".

It might be a little broad for some tastes, but I think it comes up with an intriguing way to re-imagine the kind of feel and tone that we expect from hard boiled fiction, which can be tricky in a world where we all know what to expect from the genre.

I only hope I'm not foolish enough to wait too long before I read Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick - Double D Double Cross.

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