Saturday, February 16, 2013

Morning Loudness

Conan woke me up with this today. He's very good at choosing the music he wants to hear, and it seems he likes to rock in the morning. Kimberly Rae was musing about this recently herself.

That's something he gets from me. I like strong coffee, which he isn't allowed to have quite yet, loud music and no goddamn talking at all.

Kim is more a groovy music or NPR in morning kind of person. Now, I can't stand the public radio voice, day or night. I remember when KEXP used to be KCMU and they played all kinds of terrific music, but all of the DJs talked in that goddamn voice and it would make me crazy!

But that's still better than whatever jackasses try to be funny in the morning. That's unacceptable. It's like some kind of crime against nature. If I'm kind, I will assume that some infinitesimal percentage of these evil fucks might be capable of being funny, but because they are doing it in the morning, they should all go straight to hell.

I'm convinced, unkindly I'm sure, that wanting to hear loud people attempt humor before noon is a sure sign of low intelligence. This is only to warn you that you can try to disavow me of the notion that morning radio is evil and that some of the people doing it are capable of being funny, but you're hobbled right from the start, even if unfairly, so it's not likely to be worthwhile.

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