Thursday, February 21, 2013

Public domain and the creative engine

It's a funny thing.

I read and re-posted Vampires And The Paradox Of Copyright, a delightfully entertaining and insightful look at copyright law and its current state of abuse, by Buzz Dixon on Facebook.

I also re-read and re-posted The "Never Got Made" File #55: Conan III by William S. Wilson the day before. I even quoted a Karl Edward Wagner interview reproduced in it, "The third version of Conan III was to be filmed in North Carolina, no special effects, no Girl-with-Stick. I came up with an rousing adaptation of 'Beyond the Black River' but by the Dune had put an end to Dino's major budget films and killed Conan III."

By the way, I can't recommend reading through the annals of The "Never Got Made" File when you get the chance. These kinds of stories are always of interest to me, and he always manages to find and tell about the ones that are the juiciest and most interesting to me.

The combined force of these two articles served to remind me of the idea I explored here and here, as well as here (kinda).

I did actually put some work into that. I think it could be done and frankly should be done.

And if I wasn't once bitten, twice shy in terms of leading a group of creative partners down what could too easily be the garden path, I'd happily be the guy to stand up in the face of it all and get it done.

Beside that, I have other pots brewing now and mayhap my case is better made another day in another way. Perhaps with something a little more Nosferatu.

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