Saturday, February 16, 2013

The grand duel

I made an offhand comparison between The Grand Duel and The Big Gundown as I began watching the former for the first time last night. Both titles mean essentially the same thing and both star the great Lee Van Cleef.

Then, as the movie proceeded, I notice that it has more in common than that. Both are about Van Cleef as a lawman chasing a wanted man of dubious guilt. In The Big Gundown to bring him to justice. In The Grand Duel, it is to protect him from the forces of justice. While, this was an interesting twist, I thought the first half had a bit too much broad comedy for my taste personally.

The second half becomes more of a political story, which I'm inclined to compare to The Price of Power. In browsing about, I see that other reviewers take the murder mystery element more literally than I do, and see it more about the political power plays against a force of integrity and real justice.

So, when all came together, I enjoyed it quite well.

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