Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stuart Gordon book

I was recently thinking about Stuart Gordon. This is not exactly news. I'm rather openly a big fan of his work.

However, in looking over the many interviews and discussions online, there's a big, big hole, from about Dolls in 1987 through The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit in 1998, that's rarely discussed at all and seemingly never in detail. Not to mention, perhaps more importantly, his many years prior to making movies at the Organic Theater Company.

So, I went about to locate book on his career. Surely such a forthcoming, even chatty, interview subject with a wealth of cult classic movies, starting with the perennial cult classic Re-Animator, would have at least one half-ass book written about him, right?

Apparently, that was a foolish notion on my part.

I went on Facebook to mock this lack and received challenges and encouragement to take the task up myself.

I'm considering it.

I've not traditionally been interested in non-fiction movie book projects for myself.

I received a similar response when I suggested there should be a study of the importance of pulp storytelling to the body of work produced by George Lucas. Again, most books on the subject of his work give this a rather passing examination rather than exploring it as perhaps the very defining factor and I'd very much like to read a book that explored that fully. Writing one? Not nearly as much.

An examination of Stuart Gordon. Looking into his career from beginning to present, his theater work, that continues, whether with Re-Animator: The Musical or "Nevermore" with Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe or his work with Teatro ZinZanni. Exploring the less discussed movies of his middle years.

It's interesting.

William S. Wilson, who has a great running feature called The Never Got Made Files over at Video Junkie Strikes Back from Beyond the Grave, offered some information on some of Gordon's "Never Got Made" movies.

That'd be a big help and, I'm sure, a rich subject in itself.

I'm not interested to take up writing non-fiction as a vocation. I really love that other people do, there are some fantastic books out there that I'm glad were written, but I don't see that being something I'd enjoy overall.

But I'm pondering this one. There's an awful lot of potential there...

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